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Calcium Chloride Inquire
CAS NO:10043-52-4;17787-72-3;   MF:CaCl2
Property : white flake or grain crystal, its solubility is strong;...
Sodium Metabisulfite Inquire
CAS NO:7681-57-4;   MF:Na2S2O5
Sodium Nitrate Inquire
CAS NO:7631-99-4;15621-57-5;   MF:NaNO3
Property: White fine crystal. Some are light gray or buff. The rel...
Sodium Nitrite Inquire
CAS NO:7632-00-0;   MF:NaNO2
Property: White or a little buff fine crystal. The relative molecu...
Sodium Sulfite Anhydrous Inquire
CAS NO:7757-83-7;   MF:Na2SO3
Property: white gravel or powder crystal,relative density is 1.561,...
Sodium Sulfite Inquire
CAS NO:7757-83-7;   MF:Na2SO3
sodium metabisulfite Inquire
CAS NO:7681-57-4;   MF:Na2S2O5
sodium metabisulfite (food) Inquire
ceremics sodium metabisulfite Inquire
sodium metabisulfite NF Inquire
sodium bisulfite anhy tech Gr.(sodium metabisulfite) Inquire
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