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Sodium Nitrate

Category : Inorganic chemicals
CAS NO : 7631-99-4;15621-57-5          EC NO : 231-554-3
MF : NaNO3
Main Specifications :
Synonyms : Soda niter;Sodium nitrate for industrial use;cubicniter ;Natriumnitrat ;niter ;nitratedesodium ;nitratedesodium(french) ;nitrateofsoda;;nitratine;Nitricacid,sodiumsalt ;nitricacidsodiumsalt;
Sodium Nitrate
Package: Packed in 25kg plastic woven bag , 500kg/1000kg/1100kg jumbo bag or as per the buyer's requirement .
Usage : It is the important chemical material and widely used in industries including glass, dye, detonator, metallurgy, machinery and vitreous enamel etc.
Molecular Structure:Sodium Nitrate 7631-99-4;15621-57-5
Product description:

Property: White fine crystal. Some are light gray or buff. The relative molecular weight is 84.99 and density is 2.257. It's easy to be deliquescence and to dissolve in water and liquid ammonia, but only a little can dissolve in ethanol and glycerin. The melting point is 271℃. And decomposition temperature is 380℃. Its decomposition products are sodium nitrite and oxygen. If heated to higher temperature, it will be decomposed into the mixed gas of oxygen, azote and oxynitride. It has the strong oxidizing property and can cause the inflammation and explore while mixed with organics, sulfur and sulfite etc.

Molecular Formula: NaNO3

Molecule Weight: 84.99

CAS NO.: 7631-99-4

Appearance: White or light yellow Fine Crystal

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